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A UK-based charity established in 1997, which encourages people in South Asia to achieve their potential and improve their quality of life.

Its outreach work programme has been in action changing the quality of lives of many individuals in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Since 2012 ASHRAM also initiated to focus on improving the life of the Afghan Community living in the UK .


Some examples of ASHRAM's projects: (from left to right) Carpet weaving business for girls in Afghanistan, Livestock farming for families in India, Low cost self help housing, India, Sanitation through provision of clean water in Sri Lanka.


The Organisation’s developmental on-going programme focuses to support vulnerable women and children who live in poverty.

The three basic planks of ASHRAM's work programme are:
  • Employment Generation

  • Empowerment of Women

  • Self Help Housing

Countries where ASHRAM's projects are hosted






Sri Lanka

United Kingdom


Charity No: 1068772