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To all those who have supported this Charity over the years –

I am writing to you today with regard to ASHRAM International; the Charity that it has been my privilege to chair for the last eleven years.

In doing so, I would like, on behalf of the Trustees, personally, to express our deep gratitude to you for all your support and patronage of the Charity over many years. 

Regrettably, after much discussion over the last few months, the Board of ASHRAM have now reluctantly agreed that the Charity is no longer sustainable with its present limited income. Importantly, we recognised that at no time has the Charity ever been in debt and therefore the Trustees believe that it is now important to wind up the Charity and avoid any such possibility.

During their discussions, the Board reflected on the fact that ASHRAM International has achieved much during its nineteen years of existence. The Trustees are proud that the Charity has been able to contribute to the improvement of the lives of many thousands of people on the Indian sub-Continent and in neighbouring countries.

More than twenty-five projects in education, employment, housing and health have been financed by ASHRAM International during its history. Despite it being a very small charity, ASHRAM International has been able to serve many people well.

In winding up, and disposing of its remaining funds, the Trustees agreed that its remaining funds should be distributed immediately to three projects.

Firstly, £756.86 (1,000 Euros) was granted (from a specific restricted grant received by ASHRAM) to a project in Kabul to help set up a Thalassaemia clinic for babies. 

Secondly, £2,600 was granted to a beadwork skills and awareness programme for Afghan village women.

Finally, a grant of £5,600 was made to ASHRAM’S long standing partner in Sri Lanka, Footprints – a home for young girls.

The Trustees also wish to thank Bushey and Oxhey Methodist Church which has been very gracious in providing office space at a low cost to the charity over the last ten years.

The Trustees also thank the special Advisors who have helped with the winding up procedure.

Finally, the Trustees wish to express their deep gratitude to all of you who have contributed to the work and partnership that the Charity has been privileged to support over the last nineteen years.

Last, but not least, our very special thanks must go to Dr Maliha Kabir for her total commitment to Ashram International over seventeen years. Without her dedication to the work we would not have been able to achieve the many objectives.

Please note that all remaining information in this website is a history for your reference.

Countess Ilona Esterhazy                                                                                                  October  2016



A UK-based charity established in 1997, which encourages people in South Asia to achieve their potential and improve their quality of life.

Its outreach work programme has been in action changing the quality of lives of many individuals in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Since 2012 ASHRAM also initiated to focus on improving the life of the Afghan Community living in the UK .


Some examples of ASHRAM's projects: (from left to right) Carpet weaving business for girls in Afghanistan, Livestock farming for families in India, Low cost self help housing, India, Sanitation through provision of clean water in Sri Lanka.


The Organisation’s developmental on-going programme focuses to support vulnerable women and children who live in poverty.

The three basic planks of ASHRAM's work programme are:
  • Employment Generation

  • Empowerment of Women

  • Self Help Housing

Countries where ASHRAM's projects are hosted






Sri Lanka

United Kingdom